The West Coast’s coolest ice cream company started from a Portland truck.


With fourteen bustling locations up and down the Pacific Coast, from San Diego up to Seattle, Salt & Straw has become the name in ice cream in the West. It all started at a push cart, right here in Portland.


Cousins—and Portland natives—Kim and Tyler Malek were both at turning points in their careers. Kim had worked at several Fortune 500 businesses before moving back, hoping to realize her longtime dream to open an ice cream scoop shop. Tyler, meanwhile, had been traveling in Asia after completing a business degree. Once again the United States, he was thinking about enrolling in culinary school, but when he heard of Kim’s plans, he switched gears, immediately researching ice cream possibilities. The next day, he drove from Seattle to Portland to launch Salt & Straw with Kim.


Now, the duo has created new flavors that have won accolades down the coastline. Inventive combinations like roasted strawberry coconut and pear and blue cheese appear next to classics, like the decadent sea salt and caramel and the almond brittle with ganache grapes. Kim and Tyler are constantly introducing additions too, man created through local competitions. New favorites we’ve fallen in love with include the “Tacotat,” a Mexico-inspired vanilla ice cream with crumbles of Mexican-chocolate-covered tortilla shells, queso fresco, chilli powder and “a pinch” of cinnamon.


Kim and Tyler are Co-Conspirators of Woodlark—local partners who give guests a deeper insight into Portland’s local culture. And it’s not just because we love Salt & Straw for its unique taste offerings. We also love Salt & Straw for its commitment to Portland. neighbors. From its outset, she’s seen the ice cream boutique as an integral part of the community (Kim’s ice cream company fantasy always revolved around the idea of creating a place where you could bump into neighbors). And even more significant, she and Tyler continue to use local products whenever possible, supporting independent Oregon companies.


That commitment to community is why every guest at Woodlark can enjoy Salt & Straw pint delivery to their rooms. With each bite, they’re getting a true taste of Portland’s pioneering spirit. Want more than a room snack? Don’t miss their shop in the nearby Nob Hill Alphabet District.


Learn more about Woodlark Hotel’s other Co-Conspirators here.

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